SANTOS PHARMA having ISO, WHO,GMP certified manufacturing Products. The Products are deliver our long-term priorities of Innovation, Performance and Trust through development and marketing medicines. We have presence in high growth specialty segments Tablets, Capsules, Sachets, Ointment & Health supplement where we have been able to provide consistently best for patient convenience and compliance.

We strongly believe in product quality, patient safety, and continuous improvement. Whether it’s at the time of Marketing or throughout every step in the supply chain, we adhere to the standards of Safety, Identity, Strength, Purity, and Quality (SISPQ).

Enhancing customer satisfaction by providing quality products is one of the basic principles that energises the SPPL TEAM in this highly competitive market. A major portion of the investments made in manufacturing have been to achieve the highest levels of process compliance and product quality. Sophisticated analytical and testing equipments have been sourced from the pioneers in the respective area to ensure process integrity and compliance to product specifications and regulatory requirements.